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What is SMART?

Sales Measurement and Recruiting Tool

*SMART by JungoLogic takes the guesswork out of recruiting sales professionals. When it comes to sales people, one size does not fit all. It's not always easy to determine what you really need. Great sales people can thrive in one company, yet fail in another. Know what you need at the beginning of the recruitment process. Save time, increase accuracy and improve quality. Our service delivers sophisticated screening techniques at an affordable price point. See the innovative, scientific process that is SMART by taking our 2 minute Test Drive today!


Reality Over Resumes helps companies of all sizes hire the right sales people. We help identify your company's unique needs before you begin the interview process. We allow you to test your salesforce in order to determine unique personality traits of your high performers. The system then analyzes and ranks candidates with personality traits most like your high performers.


Reality Over Resumes

See the innovative, scientific process that is SMART.