Frequently Asked Questions

Jungo is the Latin word for join, unite, or connect. Logic is in reference to the fact that we use computer logic to match the psychometric scores of sales professionals to the desired traits and intensity levels desired by employers. Jungo + Logic = JungoLogic.
Every sales professional takes a psychometric assessment that measures 23 sales-related traits. The results are stored in our database. It is very important to note that there are no right or wrong answers, nor is it good to be a high score on every trait. When employers evaluate candidates, they list the traits that are most important to them, along with the desired intensity level for those traits. If an employer is looking for a moderate intensity level for a specific trait, a high score is not the best match.
Most generic sales assessments claim to know what a good sales person is for any company. We recognize that every company is different, so we test your salesforce to determine unique personality traits of your top performers. We then create ideal profiles that help you identify candidates with personality traits that are most like your high performers.
SMART helps you determine what you need before you start the interview process. We test your salesforce to identify unique personality traits of your top performers. This allows us to rank candidates that are most like your top performers. This saves time, increases accuracy and allows you to focus on interviewing the best candidates.
JungoLogic offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of any company size and hiring evaluation budget. Purchase individual tokens or Subscribe & Save. Subscriptions are risk free and can be canceled at any time.
Reality Over Resumes SMART assessment works for all levels of sales positions.
Companies will contact you directly if they wish to schedule an interview. JungoLogic is not involved in the interview process.
This is a great and important question. Yes. Your assessment results, which include a score for each trait and a description of that trait, can only been seen by the company requesting the assessment. Your answers to individual questions cannot be seen within the system.
While both of these products are excellent offerings, we are very different in the fact that we test a company's salesforce to determine an ideal personality profile based on top performers. We then match candidates based on the ideal profiles created by the company. We are not aware of any product available today with capabilities equal to Reality Over Resumes.
There is a "Contact Us" section in the menu bar at the bottom of the page. We welcome your feedback and will address any questions you may have.